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About Us

Toran Global is a boutique recruitment firm catering to managerial and leadership hiring across sectors. Our keen understanding of the client’s needs, use of multiple channels of sourcing including social media, unwavering focus on quality and speed and thorough candidate evaluation sets us apart from our competition.

We target active and inactive candidates for our clients using multi-layered searches, social media & technology and thorough market mapping. Our seamless processes and trained specialists allow us to deliver quality at competitive rates and best in class TATs. We are equally at home delivering on popular as well as niche mandates and received repeated success and positive feedback with majority of our clients.

TG is also adept in providing add-on services to clients including but not limited to competency assessments using globally renowned psychometric tools, market & compensation mapping and candidate offer management. and world class service delivery.


Why Us?

It is our job to find our clients the right candidate and we take our job very seriously. We are confident that we can help you with any of your hiring needs and will support you from the word GO! We have completed various large hiring projects, closed difficult positions, helped clients fill the gaps and all with the best response time and quality.

With us you can rest assured that you will receive the first lot of screened profiles within 24hrs of sharing the requirement. 

How we Achieve it

Our confidence of serving our clients at such a speed and with such high conversion rate comes from a robust internal system which does not depend on any individual but is completely process driven.

understanding-requirementUnderstanding the requirements

We understand the requirement, acquire information about the organization, find the critical aspects of the position & prepare a informative JD. This ground work makes our search more effective.

tech-supportTechnology support

Our data management and a process driven system ensures best service delivery. Our investment in technology ensures that we have the data on our fingertips and our processes are not dependent on an individual.

Well-trained-recruiterWell trained recruiters

Our strong team is trained equally in understanding the requirement and spotting the best talent in the market and also in softer aspects like communication skills, negotiation, time management and team building.

Services we offer

Executive-searchExecutive Hiring

“A team is as good as its leader”

Trust us to find you a leader that understands your vision and drives your workforce to achieve the organization goals.

Middle-mgmtMiddle Management Hiring

It is our responsibility to find you managers that achieve your goals and can be the leaders of tomorrow.

Mass-hiringLarge Hiring Projects

We walk every step of the way with our clients when large organizational changes are underway. Helping them hire large number of employees to fill the gaps without compromising the quality and delivering on-time.

RPORecruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our experience in Recruitment Process outsourcing ensures expertise in handling end to end recruitment while our clients concentrate on their core competencies.


Outsourcing the on-boarding process helps in smooth transition and equips the candidate to do his best from day one. This includes negotiating the remuneration, following up till the date of joining and conducting effective induction programs.

Sectors we serve






IT.pngInformation Technology





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